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The dazzling Belgian perfection in every Destinée diamond is the culmination of master craftsmanship and ingenious precision. Crafted in perfect proportions and symmetry, each Destinée diamond is an ideal-cut polished by Belgian Master Cutters who take 5 times longer to cut a Destinée diamond than an average round brilliant diamond.  

The brilliance of the Destinée diamond is attributed to its 57 precisely cut facets instead of the usual 58 by excluding the additional bottom facet. This ensures no light is lost and instead, reflected back in a magnificent blaze. To add on to the sparkle, each diamond is also faceted at the girdle to ensure more light is refracted inside the diamond for an extra touch of dazzling splendour. 

Awarded the coveted ‘AGS Ideal Zero’ cut, the highest international standard by the American Gem Society Laboratories, each Destinée diamond is accompanied by a AGS/Destinée Diamond Quality Report and a laser-inscribed unique identification number.

Created specifically for the women of today who enjoy the finest things in life, the Destinée diamond is indeed an object of desire and perfection.  Visit www.destinee.be for more information.

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