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Why everyone should celebrate singles day

Lee Hwa Jewellery

Posted on November 09 2018

Once a celebration of being single, November 11 aka Singles’ Day is now one of the biggest shopping events of the year. Started by male students in Nanjing, the day was originally marked with blind dates, singles’ parties and school programmes. Of course today, Singles’ Day has taken on a whole new meaning and is celebrated around the world by both genders. While it doesn’t hurt to join in the fun and snap up some too-good-to-be-true deals, it’s important to remember that behind all the frenzy lies a simple reminder – to treat yourself, to take care of yourself. We’ve come up with the perfect itinerary for you to do on Singles’ Day (or in fact, any day), so read on and let us know what you think!

11am: Sleep in and brunch

Some say that sleep is the new luxury. If you’ve been working long hours all week coupled with far too many late nights, now’s the time to pay off that sleep debt. Once you’ve got sufficient shut-eye, take yourself out to a hearty brunch meal at your neighbourhood café. Been wanting to start on your new book? Bring it along to read as you sip away on a hot hazelnut latte.

2pm: Learn a new skill

Why wait for someone to buy you a flower bouquet when you can arrange one for yourself? Sign up and learn something new today. If flower arrangement classes are not for you, you can also try your hand at pottery making or go for a kick-boxing class. Remember, it’s always about taking that first step. Who knows? You may even stumble upon your new hobby.

4pm: Buy something for yourself

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What better way to treat yourself than to engage in some good ol’ retail therapy! Switch up your wardrobe, get new tableware or go jewellery shopping (well, of course). In fact, swing by our newly opened Lee Hwa’s Jewelspace at Suntec City and check out our store-exclusive jewellery designs and interactive play spaces. Psst, our Singles’ Day 1-day flash sale means you’ll get to enjoy an additional 11% + 11% off on top of our “up to 50%” sale.

7pm: Spend quality time over dinner

Gather your favourite pals and check out that swanky new restaurant in town! Put your phones aside (yes, the no-phone rule) and spend some quality time without any distractions. Go beyond small talk, be present in the moment and connect deeply with one another. Learn from these six independent ladies as they share over dinner how they celebrate life’s little moments and their personal journeys towards their destiny.

10pm: Netflix and chill

Literally. End the day by lazing in a pair of comfy PJs while catching up on your favourite TV series. And, don’t feel bad about that extra scoop of ice cream. Now’s the time to indulge and no one is judging. For those who prefer something even more chill, dim the room lights and plug into your favourite playlist. Need a life hack to destress? Make your evening session extra-relaxing by layering rain sounds in the background.

Sometimes, we're so overwhelmed with work or busy taking care of others that we forget to show ourselves some TLC. Don’t make self-care just a once-a-year affair. Set aside time each week to focus on yourself and to do things that you love – simply because you deserve it. Happy Singles’ Day!

Singles’ Day Flash Sale: Enjoy an additional 11% + 11% off on top of our “up to 50%” sale at all Lee Hwa Jewellery stores on 11 November 2018. Terms and conditions apply.