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Three ways to say “I love you” without actually saying it

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Posted on January 25 2019

To a woman, hearing her soul mate whisper the words ‘I love you’ for the first time can be an emotional moment; butterflies in her stomach, a rush of excitement running through her. But as the relationship progresses, saying ‘I love you’ may become a norm—you say it when you wake up, you say it before you go to bed.

This Valentine’s Day, more than these three magic words, rekindle the romance with a surprise or two and bring her back to the moment you first said ‘I love you’. Because sometimes, what are words without a little action?

1. Add to her sparkle with a shiny gift 

Say you love her without actually saying it with the Destinée Love’s Whisper collection

To her beau, she already shines like the North star in the night sky with an unrivalled brilliance. But does she know you think that of her? Not many men can express their affection without a little stutter, and that’s okay. Because sometimes, love can be professed in unspoken ways — like with a symbolic piece of jewellery.

The Destinée Love’s Whisper collection, for instance, makes one of the most meaningful gifts for such an occasion. Beautifully crafted into the soundwaves of ‘I love you’ and embellished with a flawless diamond in the centre, remind your beloved of your love every day — without having to say a thing — as she wears the romantic token around her wrist or neck.

Rekindle the passion with the Forevermark Endlea collection (left) or the Passion Hearts collection (right)

Or maybe pay tribute to your one-of-a-kind romance with the Forevermark Endlea collection, setting your promise of forever on an exquisite piece of jewellery worthy of her elegance and flair. Even if it’s just a simple design of two hearts joint as one — like the Passion Hearts collection — the most important thing is to find something that truly shows your love in a personal and intimate way.

2. Be intentional in doing something unexpected

Featuring the Forevermark Endlea ring and necklace

If this isn’t your first Valentine’s Day together, you may already have certain traditions going, like having dinner at your favourite restaurant followed by a late-night movie. But sometimes, traditions can dull the romance when it becomes too predictable. So how about sweep your sweetheart off her feet with something completely unexpected?

Give her the back massage she always asked for, or whip up a home-cooked meal for a change (even if it’s just a simple dish for two). After a long day at work, these little mindful acts show just how willing you are to pamper your loved one and keep the spark in your relationship going!

3. Give your undivided attention and spend quality time together

Featuring the Niessing ring collection

Lastly, while extravagant dinners complete with champagne and fireworks are nice and all, sometimes being together is more than enough. Even if it means cuddled up at home eating takeaway food in your PJs. Wherever you are, whatever you do, show that your valentine is worth your undivided attention, and that you’re interested in her life by being fully present. Look them in the eye and listen intently, you’ll be surprised just how much your presence can mean.

There are so many ways to say ‘I love you’. We’re not saying you can’t say it as it is, but a little something extra can show your sincerity in ways those three words cannot. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, and many of you scrambling to find the perfect gift and perfect outfit for the perfect date, take some time to slow down and think about what really matters to your partner (and yourself!). Sometimes, it’s in the imperfect moments where you find yourself gushing over just how perfect your loved one already is.

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