leehwajewellery Admin

Posted on January 17 2017

Lee Hwa Jewellery, Singapore's leading contemporary fine jeweller, is marking the month of romance with My Love, an elegant pendant designed in-house and Niessing's Colette Collection, pure, playful and enchantingly pretty innovative pieces.

For something traditional and classic, My Love pendant, available in Yellow, Rose and White Gold is an intricate intertwined crochet design. The pendant is completed with a memerizing diamond in the centre, a representation of endearment and spirit of everlasting love. 

For a symbol of love that reflects today's modern woman, Lee Hwa Jewellery is putting the spotlight back on the Niessing Colette Collection. Just like a person's love that will last a lifetime, the Niessing Colette pieces are jewellery for life, never to be outshone. 

Since its introduction in the mid 1980's, the Niessing Coil is a true marvel of metamorphosis. As Niessing Colette, it turns into delicate bracelets, playful earrings and slender rings. Start a lifelong collection this Valentine's Day with at least one piece. 

Whether celebrating years together or a new love, these slender coils of gold or platinum, casually wrapped around one's finer, in single or multiple twists, the polished sphere with or without diamond is simply perfect. With a selection of single multiple twists, Niessing Colette rings are jewellery with fun and personality. The sphere can shift along the ring, appearing in the center or at the sides of the ring - the most unique gift for her hand this Valentine's Day. 

With Niessing Colette bracelets, you can gift the woman you love a truly individual piece. Select one discreet single band or stack several together, perhaps to reflect the number of years together. A fun, yet sophisticated gift - a reflection of her unique personality. 

In white, yellow or rose gold, these earrings move along with every moves she makes. They can be small and subtle or large and generous - and they always make a beautiful presence. 

Niessing Colette creoles are perfect for any occasion, whether for daily wear, for the office, for special events. Niessing Colette is truly versatile - a classic and stylish gift this Valentine's Day - a gift cherished each day. 

The Niessing Colette Collection is available in the different Niessing Colours - from graceful Ivory to warm Rosewood gold.