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How To Choose Jewellery Based On Your Favourite Crazy Rich Asians Character

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Posted on September 12 2018

Taking the world by storm, Crazy Rich Asians – an American romantic comedy film based on Kevin Kwan’s novel, has captured many hearts with its funny, heartwarming and modern take on timeless romance. As we can tell from the name itself, the movie is not just about the rich but the “crazy rich”. We’re talking about beyond-extravagant parties, grandiose properties and beautiful people decked in luxurious designer outfits.

Yet, what is it that makes specific scenes of the film so memorable and pivotal? Without a doubt, it’s the jewellery that brought the lavish stories to life. Astrid’s Burmese gem-encrusted pearl drop earrings. Eleanor’s jaw-dropping emerald engagement ring. Whether you had your eye on the sparkling baubles on Rachel, Astrid or Eleanor, we share some tips on how you can raise your jewellery game with the following crazy-rich-asians approved pieces.

Rachel Chu: Sweet and Sophisticated

When it comes to jewellery, female protagonist Rachel Chu’s choices reflect her personality – sweet and sophisticated. Think of how she paired the “Disco-Cleopatra” halter dress picked out by Peik Lin with sleek gold pieces or her Cinderella-inspired chiffon gown with a dazzling tiara and delicate solitaire necklace. Whether you’re looking to glam up an evening outfit or impress the family of your new beau, just remember that sometimes, less is more.

Astrid Leong: Otherworldly Stylish

Astrid Leong, the elusively cool cousin of Nick Young, is the show’s fashion icon. She is goddess-like and otherworldly stylish. Exotic gems are her weakness. Who can forget that scene where she goes on a jewellery shopping spree at her long-time jeweller’s highly-exclusive shop? Despite her immense wealth, she likes things for what they are and is never afraid to mix different styles. The next time you go jewellery shopping, channel your inner Astrid and remember that quality is key and to never ever dress for anyone but yourself (yes, Michael, you heard that right).

Eleanor Young: Bold and Stunning

Graceful, strong and at times, domineering. While we may question Eleanor Young’s choices when it comes to her son, there was never a moment when we were not enthralled by her stunning jewellery whether it’s her diamond-adorned brooches or symbolic emerald ring. Beyond the sparkle, her jewels remind us of the sentimental worth that jewellery brings to us and how its value is deeply personal and often weighted with meaning. Whether it’s for yourself or family, celebrate key milestones by choosing jewellery pieces you feel a special connection with.

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