Finding the perfect diamond is simpler than you think – Lee Hwa Jewellery

Finding the perfect diamond is simpler than you think

Lee Hwa Jewellery

Posted on October 19 2018

We may not have full control over our destiny, but we can find the perfect Destinée (diamond). Destinée diamonds are the only diamonds in the world to attain the Perfect 8 hallmark of international diamond standards—Cut, Clarity, Colour, Carat, Brilliance, Sparkle, Fire and Light Symmetry. This means that each Destinée diamond undergoes the most stringent standards of being certified the Ideal Cut by trusted American Gem Society (AGS) and receives the highest Ultimate 3 light performance grading by Sarine Technology, world leader in the diamond industry.

Most astute shoppers would already be familiar with AGS, the leading gem laboratory known for its comprehensive and in-depth analysis for cut grading of diamonds. In our pursuit of perfection, we also turn to advanced technologies driven by artificial intelligence such as Sarine Technology which provides automated diamond grading and light performance analysis with unprecedented levels of accuracy. What are we looking for? The Ideal Cut above the rest.

Each Destinée diamond reveals eight symmetrical arrows when looked at from the top and eight symmetrical hearts from the bottom. Crafted by Belgian Diamond Masters, the exquisite Ideal Cut is a dazzling embodiment of perfection for all of life’s moments. From rings to necklaces, earrings to bracelets, find the Destinée for you today.

What’s a story without a sprinkle of romance?

Let the Destinée Unity Rings bind you with your soulmate

Whether you’re waiting for your knight in shining armour to arrive on a white stallion, or the girl-next-door meets boy-next-door modern fairytale to unfold, every love story needs a perfect diamond ring for its happy ending. Destinée wedding bands are made to seal your love in a promise of perfection and forever, with an added touch of sparkle. Shining with optimum brilliance thanks to the diamond’s cut, Destinée diamonds appear larger than ordinary ones of the same carat. And while carat isn’t the most important for a momentous occasion like this, it sure wouldn’t hurt to mark your romance with bigger-looking and perfect diamonds (that’s good for flaunting too!).

Celebrate the important moments in life

The Fleurilist ring and necklace embody the strength and growth of every woman with a blooming flower

Inspired by the life of a butterfly, the Avia earrings and necklace make for the perfect accessories to mark a significant moment

Every moment, big or small, deserves recognition simply because they make up life’s experiences. But moments can be fleeting, so why not celebrate and cement them with a Destinée diamond? The Fleurilist collection, for instance, can be a beautiful reminder of your growth, as the radiant stone twinkles in an elegant rose gold bloom. Or celebrate the beauty of life with the Avia collection, and let it be a symbol of gleaming hope in life’s ups and downs. With a wide array of exquisite designs, rest assured you’d be able to find the Destinée for you.

Make a promise — to yourself, to your lover, to your destiny

Personalise your Destinée Promise ring, pendant or earrings with your choice of rose or white gold and engraving

The Destinée Promise Collection gracefully seals the love between two souls with a simple diamond on its ring, pendant and earrings. From the front to the sides, and even the top, every angle is embellished with a heart-shaped design that grounds the diamond—the same way each jewellery grounds your romance. But the collection is not just for couples, it makes for a significant gift to yourself. Whether it’s a promise to love yourself, or a reminder to never stop chasing your dreams, these accessories are the minimal everyday-staple to get.

Like every woman, each Destinée diamond comes with a one-of-a-kind story—and all who looks upon will realise just how brightly it shines. These Ideal Cut diamonds may take five times longer to cut than a standard Brilliant Cut, but its dazzling perfection in proportion, symmetry and polish shows for itself. So, take up your Destinée today and forge your own destiny that’s perfect in all its own ways. After all, what’s a story without a little shimmer?


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