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3 questions to help you get her the right Christmas gift

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Posted on December 05 2018

Thinking of getting a gift for a woman in your life this but don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Buying jewellery is a meaningful way to celebrate the little things you love about your lady and make her feel extra special. At the same time, we know how important it is to pick something that truly reflects who she is and matches her personality. Whether it’s for your best friend, sister, mother, daughter or the love of your life, we’ve come up with a fun and fuss-free Christmas gift guide for you. All you need to do is answer three questions (so simple even Santa approves) and we’ll help you pick the perfect jewellery for your perfect woman. Scroll down to read more!

Great job! Now that you’ve answered all questions, read on to get inspired and learn more about getting the perfect gift.

For the drama queen:

From left to right: Gwen Pendant, Gwen Earrings, Blue Sapphire Pendant, Purple Sapphire Pendant

She is the life of the party and every day is an exciting adventure for her. Although she may sometimes overthink or make rash decisions, she sure knows how to bring out the fun side out of everyone. Her favourite part of Christmas? Parties, parties and parties! Why not get her something bold and outstanding to match her colourful personality such as a stunning Sapphire gemstone necklace embellished with diamonds or one-of-a-kind Purple Gold earrings such as those from our Gwen collection.

For the girl next door:

From left to right: Forevermark Daryn Necklace, Forevermark Daryn Ring, Cross Bracelet, Long Cross Necklace With Black Diamonds

While she may enjoy the occasional night of festive revelry, she's a homebody at heart who enjoys spending quality time with family and close friends. She prefers to remain low key in both her appearance and her attitude, and exudes a natural radiance. Sweet and delicate designs are the way to go when it comes her choice of jewellery. For example, the Forevermark Daryn necklace and ring is inspired by the feminine charm of the ribbon bow. For a daily reminder of her faith, check out our Cross collection which includes a sideways cross bracelet and a versatile wrap cross necklace with black diamonds.

For the classic lady:

From left to right: Nacre Necklace, Nacre Earrings, Niessing Mirage Pendant, Niessing Mirage Earrings

She thinks before she speaks, seeks the finer things in life and is the epitome of elegance. When it comes to her fashion choices, she is also far more likely to invest in a few classic pieces rather than chase after trends and fads. Get the perfect gift for her by going for timeless designs such as the Niessing Mirage collection which draws its inspiration from the play of light and shadow as well as architecture forms. You can also consider our classy Nacre collection which combines contrasting angles with lustrous pearls.

For the young (at heart)

From left to right: Destinée Hayley Necklace, Destinée Hayley Earrings, Lowell Pendant with Black Diamonds (Penguin), Lowell Pendant (Elephant)

She throws herself into new experiences, enjoys learning new skills and trying new activities. A child at heart, she’s carefree and able to smile and laugh at the little things in life. Whether the woman in your life is still a young lady or someone who’s simply young at heart, go for trendy and light-hearted designs such as our Lowell collection – a fun series of necklaces with animal-shaped origami pendants. She will also love our Destinée Hayley collection which features dangling rose gold hearts garnished with diamonds.

For umm, anyone

From left to right: Lucerne Pendant, Lucerne Earrings, Tracy Ring With Black Diamonds, Tracy Necklace With Black Diamonds

If you can’t quite seem to fit the woman in your life in any of the above categories, don’t fret! Here are some fool-proof gifts and designs that any and every lady would be delighted to have. Our Lucerne collection takes the classic leaf design to a new level with delicate diamonds while our Tracy collection carries sleek jewellery pieces studded with stylish black diamonds to take any look from day to night. So, don’t forgot to show some love to the women in your life this Christmas and gift them something special. Whether your gift is meant to be a symbol of your love or just a way to express your appreciation for all that they’ve done for you, always remember – the best gifts are not wrapped up in paper but in love. Happy Holidays!

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